High performance web, apps and emails designed around user experience

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Hard-working digital assets with intuitive UX and seamless social integration

Our specialist web and app developers are experienced across the spectrum of online development and best practice. Whatever your brief, they’ll give you all the benefits of their techie know-how, in a language you’ll understand.

Our services include:

  • Scalable, personalised websites with simple CMS
  • Clever social apps and integrations
  • Basic platforms to secure sites and APIs
  • Design with high usability and functionality
  • Full platform maintenance and management
  • All built to w3c standards using PHP, MySQL, Javascript and HTML5
  • Secure data management to make the most of your customer information
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Clever, cost-effective web solutions

Because we know that ‘one size fits all’ is a myth…

With our unique multi-level platform Cerium, we can create customised websites and campaigns that are cost-effective for complex needs, whether for single businesses or multi-brand operators.

Cerium benefits

  • Fully localised, personalised online presence for all your brand’s individual businesses, with pinpoint customer targeting and tracking

  • Brings together all your digital assets for joined-up cross-channel campaigns, and integrates seamlessly into existing business systems

  • Customisable framework affording your digital marketing strategy fantastic economies of scale

  • Responsive across devices as standard, with a separate platform for mobile-specific site development if needed

More on our platform

Mobile optimised

Make the most of your brand in the pockets of your customers

Whether you want your website to work across all devices, or prefer a specific mobile app or site, with Cerium we’ll harness the newest technologies and user behaviours to ensure your online content works seamlessly wherever it’s viewed.

  • Multi-platform compatible sites (responsive design)
  • Tailored sites for smartphones and tablets
  • App development for iPhone and Android
  • Full social-media integration

Mobile-friendly web app success

See how we helped Harvester create a web application-based survey to help quality control, training and customer engagement. The survey reached 15,000 users and was praised for its ease of use.

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