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Going the extra mile: PPC for hotels

For multi-unit hotel brands with locations all over the UK, it’s very important that potential guests can find the most relevant venues via search engines – and then enjoy a logical, accessible user journey. We helped a major hospitality company make this happen.

Digitising a TV campaign

Our task was to build an engaging digital layer into Harvester’s Chef Wars campaign, which was based around a TV ad promoting the brand’s family-friendly credentials and customisable food offering. In the ad, a young brother and sister – dressed as mini Harvester chefs – battle it out to persuade viewers that his or her menu options are the best.

Real-time survey success

Casual-dining brand Harvester was looking for a streamlined way to capture real-time customer feedback – in this instance, on the quality of its famous salad bar – while making the process more involving and interactive for the user.

Scaling social for multi-unit retail

Unbranded pub retailer Castle wanted to establish a more effective, yet cost-efficient, social-media presence for its 89 businesses, without compromising the individuality of each site. Specific objectives were to increase security over existing channels, and equip Castle’s pub managers with the skills to grow and engage their own communities on Facebook and Twitter.