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8 tips for client service magic

Those thinking client service at an agency is a doddle are in for surprise. Matt shrink-wraps 10 years’ experience into eight useful tips for keeping your clients from looking like this grumpy cat we thought was cute.

Translating marketing feedback into actions

Creative work is full of subjective feedback. Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s confusing, and other times it goes against everything you were originally asked to do. Here are a few favourites we’ve overheard in our marketing agency and what they might actually mean.

50 thoughts we’ve all had in meetings…

If you work in a marketing agency, or any office-based job, chances are you have a lot of meetings. And in those meetings, you have a lot of thoughts. Some are probably relevant to the meeting, and some just maybe aren’t. We understand, and here are 50 thoughts we think you’ll be able to relate to.