Boosting user experience with heat-mapping analysis

Our client Four Seasons Health Care wanted to enhance user experience by understanding more about how people used its website, so we used heat mapping to gather insights and ideas.


After creating a new website for Four Seasons Health Care, we were asked to help the company gather in-depth information about how people were using the site. This data would enable our client to make targeted and well-informed strategic decisions, enhancing user experience (UX) and boosting conversions.

Four Seasons has 400 care homes across the UK and each has its own section of the website, catered for by CE’s specialist multi-unit platform, Cerium. To provide the company with the detailed insights and ideas it desired, we had to make sure meaningful analysis could be carried out to benefit multiple locations.


We recommended the application of heat-mapping software to 100 of the website’s most important pages. These pages were chosen in collaboration with Four Seasons and based on their role in the website’s user journey, as well as their performance (tracked by Google Analytics).

After a month, we analysed the data obtained via several features of the software:

  • Heat mapping – Showed us what happened when people clicked to navigate the website, revealing what was working and what wasn’t.
  • Scroll mapping – Allowed us to discover how far visitors were scrolling down pages before shifting their attention elsewhere, indicating which elements were failing to retain interest.
  • Confetti mapping – Categorised all clicks by referral sources, search terms and other factors.


The heat-mapping analysis produced a number of actionable ideas and updates for the Four Seasons website. Many of these were implemented soon afterwards, thus improving user experience and the all-round success of the site.

For example, we identified a ‘hot spot’ in the form of the scrolling banner on the pages of individual care homes, which shows images of each home. Lots of the users featured in our analysis had used the banner’s directional arrows to see more images – revealing a strong interest in visual content – so we recommended the addition of a gallery page to showcase each home.

Four Seasons Health Care

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