The average cost of conversion? 14p

How targeted social-media advertising can provide a cost-effective foundation for database recruitment and conversion.


Toby Carvery wanted to build an instantly engaged online audience for its new Ipswich restaurant, within a fairly short lead-time and to a limited budget.

Successful Facebook advertising for Toby Carvery


Choosing Facebook advertising as a platform, CE created a sequence of countdown-style pay-per-click ads targeting the relevant market within the area. The highly targeted ads built anticipation around the restaurant opening, while promoting its email subscription reward – a compelling offer of two meals for £6.50. We used a tailored landing page to further engage users in the offer before collecting their data via an embedded sign-up form.


By the end of the two weeks, we’d gained a good level of exposure, reaching 56,982 of a potential 108,000 Facebook fans – of whom, 9,077 clicked the ads, giving us a conversion rate of almost 30%. As a result, we acquired 2,653 new subscribers for the restaurant’s email database. What’s more, the average cost of each conversion was just 14p.

Toby Carvery