Creating focused web traffic for Carlsberg UK

We helped Carlsberg UK to organise its complex online content; helping to attract and engage multiple target audiences via search engines, encourage exploration and establish an email database.


Beer and beverage business Carlsberg UK is a huge organisation with lots of different interests and messages to promote – and its corporate team alone deals with everything from careers and marketing to trade contacts and stockists.

This means a multitude of digital assets spread across the internet and social channels, making it complicated to attract and engage target audiences.

The team therefore needed a central hub to bring everything together, helping to channel traffic from search engines and encourage users to join a database of email subscribers.


CE built a mobile-optimised microsite entitled We are Carlsberg UK, with SEO (search engine optimisation) features woven throughout.

The landing page is age-gated – as Carlsberg UK makes and distributes alcoholic products – before revealing friendly, accessible and carefully organised content to introduce links to the following new pages, tailored for each audience:

  • ABOUT CARLSBERG UK – Information about the company’s locations, brands and products, plus plenty of interesting facts.
  • HEAR FROM US – Offering the opportunity to sign up for email news by completing a quick and easy form, thus generating valuable marketing data and helping to engage users.
  • WORK WITH US – Explaining the company’s employment ethos, linking to job vacancies and highlighting the benefits of working for Carlsberg UK.
  • SOCIETY AND US – The business’s stance on matters such as the beverage market, environment and local communities.
  • INDUSTRY AND US – Alcohol standards, industry campaigns and political issues.
  • TRADE WITH US – Everything a UK business can expect if they choose to stock Carlsberg beverages, including training and a surprisingly wide range of products to choose from.
  • LATEST NEWS – Linking directly to the existing news and media centre, with press releases, images and more.

It’s now much easier for users to find the specific information they’re seeking, especially once the microsite achieves its intended position as the top search result for ‘Carlsberg UK’ and related terms.


The microsite was launched earlier in 2015, so is still in its infancy (as we write this) – but we’re already seeing a pleasing rise in its position in search results; as well as a 33% conversion rate representing website visitors who complete the email news sign-up form after viewing it.


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