Using cost-effective web design to deliver e-learning brilliance

In the UK, mentoring support helps many police officers develop their careers – and our client Promotion Prep wanted to make this service more accessible by creating online learning courses. Find out how we made it happen.



Police mentoring provider Promotion Prep required a website to promote, retail and deliver a set of new e-learning courses, targeting officers hoping to progress to the roles of sergeant or inspector.

It would make the organisation the first in its industry to offer such services online. Previously, Promotion Prep had conducted its mentoring courses with only face-to-face sessions – and its competitors were still working within these limits.


We created a clean, simple, contemporary website, using off-the-shelf e-learning platform Moodle to offer access to six courses within a cost-effective framework. The site is optimised for both desktop and mobile devices and uses parallax design for a smooth, high-quality user experience (UX).

A few kind words from our client…

  • Ease of purchase and use – Students can access the modules at any time and from any location with an internet connection.
  • Ability to work at their chosen pace – The courses can be undertaken at a speed that students are comfortable with, so they can learn and prepare to a schedule which suits their lifestyle.
  • Choice – For both target ranks (sergeant or inspector) there are three course options, meaning students can pick the one most appropriate for them; or the order in which they wish to study each area.

The website’s benefits for Promotion Prep include:

  • Appeal to users – The positive aspects described above encourage the target audience to purchase the courses and recommend them to colleagues.
  • Minimal intervention – The robust, comprehensive nature of the courses means that the organisation’s input is not required unless requested, thus saving valuable time.
  • Accessible content management system – The CMS allows Promotion Prep to add their own testimonials and similar content features.

Since the website’s on-schedule launch in October 2015, the e-courses have been warmly received by police officers seeking career development, producing a steady flow of purchases and positive feedback to Promotion Prep. The organisation is now considering an expansion of its e-learning portfolio, so we’re looking forward to working with them again.

A few kind words from our client…

“From our very first meeting, CE were most professional in their approach to working with us. I wasn’t really clear at first on what the end product should look like, but with close collaboration we were able to clarify user requirements, producing a first-class product. Within days of going live, the products quickly became a real success – and without any prompts, several of my new clients have commented on their excellent quality. I would certainly recommend CE to anyone seeking a professional service and quality outcomes.”
- Neil Brunton, Promotion Prep

Promotion Prep

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