Seasonal success on social media – increasing reach with a Christmas quiz

The best social content is simple, engaging and highly shareable – so that’s exactly what we set out to achieve with our Christmas quiz for Toby Carvery. And it worked rather well. Very well, in fact.

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Following changes to Facebook’s algorithms, leading family restaurant business Toby Carvery wanted to increase its organic reach on social media. As the festive season approached, we felt that an enjoyable, engaging Christmas-themed initiative would be the perfect way to achieve this.


CE created a Facebook app in the form of a quiz, entitled ‘How Christmassy Are You?’. We wanted it to be fun enough that people would want to take part and share it without any additional incentives or obligations – so there was no prize offered and no requirement to sign in or enter personal details.

The quiz asked a series of light-hearted questions in the Toby tone of voice, presented attractively with festive designs. The multiple-choice answers were amusing, capturing the spirit of the season and gently poking fun at people’s different feelings about Christmas. At the end, the results revealed each participant’s enthusiasm (or lack thereof) for seasonal traditions.

We also created a supporting editorial calendar for all of Toby Carvery’s social and digital channels, including Twitter and email, with the aim of drumming up extra interest in the quiz.


The quiz app was a runaway success, achieving:

  • 42,000 visits within three weeks of launch
  • 30,000 entries, representing people who completed the quiz
  • 2,300 people sharing their results
  • More than seven times the number of entries of a previous Facebook app

Toby Carvery

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