Engaging families with multichannel inspiration

We created a Family Days Out website portal for restaurant brand Harvester, attracting parents with rewards and helping them share ideas for entertaining their broods over summer – while boosting the brand’s email database.

Harvester family day


Restaurant brand Harvester wanted to establish itself as the ‘go-to’ choice for families during the school summer holidays, offering a solution for parents seeking ideas for days out.

The brand also wanted to promote the feel-good factor of the season and encourage group gatherings for meals at Harvester’s nationwide venues, whether al fresco or indoors.


We created a portal on the Harvester website dedicated to days-out ideas, making it easy and enjoyable for users to engage with the brand and each other; and helping them make decisions. This initiative comprised the following elements:

  • Sharing ideas – Website visitors were asked to give recommendations for their ultimate day out, creating a portfolio of ideas for everyone to draw upon.
  • Competition and reward – In return for their submission, each visitor was entered into a prize draw to win a mini-break for a family of four. If they also progressed to sign up for Harvester’s news and offers via email, they were awarded a discount voucher for Sea Life aquariums.
  • Multichannel promotion – An email campaign, website news article and social media posts were used to draw attention to Harvester’s Family Days Out website portal and direct people to it, using the competition and reward as the primary hooks.
  • External promotion – Outside Harvester’s own marketing channels, the campaign was also seeded for promotion via popular websites MoneySavingExpert, The Prize Finder, Loquax Forum and UK Competitions.


Harvester’s Family Days Out website portal amassed 43,295 total sessions by users, with 91,016 total page views and a minimum of 6,369 total entries (idea submissions). The email campaign generated an average open rate of 22.91%, while the total Facebook reach was 75,427 and 1,491 vouchers were issued for Sea Life.

These results indicate a high level of engagement with the campaign and a successful user journey.


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