Going the extra mile: PPC for hotels

For multi-unit hotel brands with locations all over the UK, it’s very important that potential guests can find the most relevant venues via search engines – and then enjoy a logical, accessible user journey. We helped a major hospitality company make this happen.

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A hospitality group needed to make their UK hotel locations more visible via Google, to increase awareness, website traffic and online bookings. Despite already using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, the business was not happy with its performance in these areas.


CE created a new PPC account for brand, featuring individual campaigns for each of their hotels across the UK.

These campaigns were customised with geo-targeted keywords, advertising content, ad extensions and landing pages – all aimed at achieving a favourable Google Quality Score and a positive, relevant user experience.

Each location has a set budget, meaning we can easily address the different circumstances of each. For example, a new or struggling hotel needs more PPC investment than a venue that’s already doing well, so resources are focused where they are most needed.

We set location targeting at a nationwide level, meaning that the IP address of potential customers wasn’t restricted to their own local area – as people seeking hotels are often planning a trip some distance away.


Our localised strategy has enjoyed strong results in a highly competitive market, even outranking popular travel websites such as Booking.com, Laterooms.com and Trivago.co.uk.

This is a big improvement when compared to the same period in 2012, with improvements in click-through rate, cost per click, search position and conversions.

These results represent the national average across all hotel locations, but some individual venues have enjoyed even greater success.

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