Driving footfall and feedback with personalised email campaigns

Our personalised campaign split-tested two offers to encourage email subscribers through the doors of selected Harvester restaurants.



Family dining brand Harvester wanted to boost footfall and strengthen customer loyalty in 38 of its lower-performing restaurants, as well as glean feedback on service levels.


Using our custom-built digital voucher system, Rewards Hub, we devised a personalised email campaign for subscribers of the 38 restaurants in question. We split-tested a buy-one-get-one-free (BOGOF) offer with a 50%-off discount so we could identify the best opportunity for return on investment, and we followed these offer emails up with a reminder email for subscribers who hadn’t converted. Those who took up the offer were later sent an incentivised customer feedback survey.


The 50%-off and BOGOF offers achieved respective conversion rates of 39% and 45% (compared with a benchmark of 33% from an earlier campaign), bringing in 6,000 voucher redemptions. We also gained 769 entries of data via the survey.