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Understanding the value of an agency

You know the drill… The people at the top want to see increased profit margins, so you’ve been tasked with making crucial savings. Sound familiar?

Fight for your digital marketing agency support with these four reasons.

If you use outside agencies to supplement your team’s skills or workload, it’s often easy to look at making ‘quick savings’ by severing these ties. Your boss is going to hate me, but I’m here to let you know why that should be a last resort.

At a time when many are looking to become more efficient by moving work in-house, I’m giving you four reasons that’s not the way to go, so that you can give your boss this face:


Digital specialists

Yes, you could probably build your own website using Wix, Go Daddy, WordPress, or any of the other reputable DIY website platforms available, but an agency has the expertise that can make an ‘ok’ website a great one.

From designers to developers, content and SEO specialists to user experience gurus, an agency is able to call upon their digital expertise to make sure that that a website not only looks great but meets industry and legal benchmarks.

They’ll also keep your business objectives in mind while creating a website that is engaging, intuitive, user-focused, and aims to provide a return-on-investment worth talking about.

This applies to all areas of digital, whether you’re thinking about sending out your own brand emails, writing your own brand copy, or firing off a few social posts. Chances are that you don’t have time to be doing all of this, but a digital marketing agency lives and breathes these things, leaving you with finished products that’ll have you thinking ‘so good’.


Industry specialists

Not to be confused with the above, people within agencies become industry specialists as a result of their agency and the clients they work with. If they work with companies in a similar industry to yours, such as the hospitality industry or education section, chances are they’ve done their homework in these areas.

They have a good understanding of what works and what doesn’t when it comes to working with brands like yours. This means you should be able to trust them to take the lead and work their creative magic.

Ultimately, these specialists take some of the weight off your shoulders. Yes, you know your industry, and yes, you have a good idea of what might work and what might not… but staying up to date with the latest industry and digital trends can be a full-time job. Why not keep the people who already make it their job to know what the next big thing for your brand marketing might be?


Fresh perspective

Agencies know marketing and they know brands – what they might not know quite as well as you is your brand. For that reason, they bring a fresh perspective to the table and can create new ideas you’d never even thought would be possible.

It takes the pressure off you and your team to always be coming up with the next ‘big idea’ that’ll have people flocking to your brand and can liven up your brand and its marketing. From creative collaborations to strategic planning, an agency can offer a fresh perspective using their existing knowledge and having the option to bounce around ideas with seasoned experts is priceless.


Brand loyalty and job satisfaction

Those creative, collaborative ideas being generated by your team and your agency should put you in good stead to attract new customers and keep your existing ones (as long as there aren’t any glaring issues elsewhere within the brand, of course).

So, that’s the consumers sorted, but what about your people? You’re probably wondering:

“How does outsourcing work that my staff could be doing make them more likely to stay?”

Well, put simply:

Their work load is lighter and more manageable and there’s more chance to upskill.


When there’s too much work for a team or a person to handle, results are often not as good as they could be. It’s not their fault, they just don’t have enough time to do it all, and this is where mistakes and missed opportunities are likely to reveal themselves.

Outsourcing elements of their work could do wonders for your team. They might finally have the time to give their full attention to the task at hand, rather than spreading themselves too thin and producing work that they can’t be proud of.

As for upskilling, working with an agency means that there’s more chance of picking up new skills along the way, or even setting up training workshops where your agency train you and your team up on something you’d like to be able to handle yourself, such as ongoing content planning or social media best practices.

I love learning and mastering skills, and I’m not the only one. According to a Forbes article, ‘The surprising truth about what makes us happy at work’, mastering skills is one of the top three things that we want from our work.

We all know that training courses and conferences can be costly, so why not kill two birds with one stone and upskill your team while improving your output? That’s what an agency can deliver for you. In the recent words of DJ Khaled and Justin Bieber, it’s a no-brainer.


I could write about the value of a good digital agency for days, but I’ll leave it here for now. If you take anything away from this article, I want it to be that a good agency is worth every penny and may even save you money in the long-run.

Their role is to improve your digital presence and marketing, bring in more customers, reduce heavy workloads and the mistakes they can cause, and bring a fresh perspective to your brand. Remember this when you’re next told to cut costs and especially remember to use this face before you list off your four reasons for keeping your agency:


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