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How to use moving GIFs on Facebook and Twitter

Spend some time on the internet and you’ll soon learn that there’s an animated GIF for every occasion. Here’s how to give your followers the gift of GIFs…

Give your followers the gift of GIFs

We love GIFs. They’re easy to share, easy to consume and they’re good fun too.

We’ve already covered how to use animated GIFs to spiff up your emails – but now that cute animal GIFs have pretty much replaced text on our news feeds, here are a few ways brands use animated images to boost engagement on Facebook and Twitter…

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1. Share relatable reactions

More eye-catching than text or emoji, GIFs can be a great way to share an emotional reaction and bring some humour to your brand’s feed.

Instantly recognisable and relatable, reaction GIFs make for quick, shareable content that don’t require much planning and can be posted reactively. Find GIFs by typing your preferred keywords into Giphy, then pasting the URL of your chosen GIF into Facebook or Twitter. Easy.

2. Bring your product to life

Static images are good, but GIFs are great. Why? Well, because they move. They’re the perfect middle ground between a still image and a video, and don’t command too much of your time-poor audience’s attention (or their mobile data). And did we mention they’re super shareable?

Even if it’s fairly simple, a nice GIF of a new product or new dish on the menu is far more exciting and eye-catching than a still shot – and it’s more memorable too. If you don’t have a host of graphic designers at hand, you can learn how to make your own GIFs using Photoshop, or there are plenty of websites that’ll help you make GIFs for free. All you need is your source files and a little creativity.

3. Share information visually

GIFs aren’t all about making your customers laugh; they can also be a great way of communicating more detailed information quickly and clearly.

Where character counts and attention spans are limited, a creative GIF can share stats, tell stories or even offer step-by-step instructions or handy hints and tips to your audience. A good animated GIF will do the talking for you – just remember to use your post copy to provide context for your audience and add any relevant hashtags.

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