Five quotes from Social Day UK

Missed #SocialDayUK? The influential social media forum had us brimming with inspiration – here are the five quotes that we can’t stop thinking about.

Five quotes from #SocialDayUK to get you inspired

We all love an event. They keep us learning and motivated, and the free food doesn’t hurt either. With that in mind, three of us travelled down to London for Social Day UK, a gathering of like-minded socially-driven creatives put together by Stuart and Lucy Hall of Avisso Media.

It was a whirlwind of a day, with one great speaker after another blowing our minds as they took the stage. You may have been listening in on Twitter, but in case you couldn’t make it, we’ve put together a list of five quotes that stuck with us from our day out.

1. “Your brand is what people say about your when you’re not around” – Chris Ducker

Impactful, and extremely true – what people say and think about your brand when you’re not around is about 50% of the entire purpose of marketing as a practice. Is your brand’s reason for being coming across to your customers? Do they really see the value that your product has on their lives, and do they really see beyond your restaurant brand to the ‘indulgent treat’ or ‘family time’ that it provides? If they wouldn’t say it without you putting the words into their mouth, then there’s still work to do.


2. “Most platforms are ‘look at me’, but Twitter is ’look at that’” – Bruce Daisley

Labelling itself as a news platform in recent days, Twitter is all about real-time sharing, from hyper-local to worldwide events. Naturally, this has led to a fitting belief that while people head to most platforms to shout about what they’re doing, people head to Twitter to tell people what is going on in the world.

Bruce Daisley, head of the platform’s EMEA business, also showed that users head to Twitter in a discovery mindset. People arrive ready to ‘look at that’, whether that may be local events or interesting, creative campaigns from brands; we’re looking at you, British Heart Foundation.

3. “People have forgotten the importance of a call or face-to-face meeting” – Victoria Taylor

Victoria Taylor, social media strategist and speaker, burst onto the stage with this bit of personal truth. It’s all too easy to hide behind an email or a text, but getting to know your clients with a call or a meeting allows you to create strategies and campaigns that get to the heart of what they want to achieve. Victoria is also a big fan of an act she has named ‘bubbles’, where you send a ‘voice bubble’ or ‘video bubble’ to people so that they can hear your voice, see your face, and understand where you’re coming from, too. Send us a bubble any time.


4. “Content’s a beach…” – Andrew and Pete

When they weren’t winning a popularity contest on Twitter or shooting the audience with water-guns, the content marketing duo Andrew and Pete were delivering tips on how to make sure your content is as shareable as possible with a handy acronym:

Brand loyalty – Your content needs to foster loyalty and make your audience feel involved.
Emotion – Content that will create extreme emotions, such as laughter or anger, is highly shareable.
Appearance – People share content that makes them look good or express themselves. Worth remembering.
Causes and beliefs – Your content needs to include the passion of your brand and its audience. Passion is infectious.
High value – Content that adds value, such as this handy acronym, gets shared. Simple as that. See how we’re sharing this on? We’re the proof.

5. “No-one cares about you” – Vincent Dignan

Vincent Dignan’s lightning talk on growth hacking left us with so many tools and tips, but one of the main quotes that stuck with us was “no-one cares about you.” It’s true. People, especially consumers, don’t care as much about the brand they’re interacting with as we’d like to believe. They just want to know what you can do for them, whether that be a product, a service, or useful content.

This is worth keeping in mind when planning any sort of content strategy – lead with how it benefits the audience and what they care about, because, sadly, it isn’t you. Except for us – we care about you.

We’ve only just got back from London, but we’re already packing our bags for Social Day UK 2018 for more social media and content gold. Who’s joining us?

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