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Animate your brand with augmented reality

Augmented reality means more than catching Pokémon. Here are three brands using it to create new, engaging experiences.

Make augmented reality part of your digital marketing

Since the Pokémon Go craze gripped the world in 2016, the obsession with catching ‘em all may have calmed down a little – but this is one app game that isn’t going anywhere just yet (especially with the introduction of the legendary bird Pokémon).

However you feel about it, Pokémon Go has convincingly demonstrated the power of augmented reality (AR). In fact, as of June 2017, the app had captured $1.2 billion in revenue and 752 million downloads (source: Venture Beat).

With all that AR potential hiding just in the tall grass, let’s go in search of some ways that brands are using this technology to improve customer experience…

Neiman Marcus

Retailers have been among the quickest to jump onto the idea of augmented reality experiences – and one of the best we’ve seen comes from Neiman Marcus, a luxury fashion brand.

This brand is one that’s already known for its merchandising and customer service, but they took the experience to the next level when they developed a full-length digital mirror.

The mirror worked together with an app that allowed customers to try on different clothes without any of the hassle – and it’s likely that the increased fun and ease of the shopping experience had customers reaching for their very real money in no time.

Why not check out this new-age dressing room for yourself?

Make augmented reality part of your digital marketing


Another brand that’s been using augmented reality to elevate their customers’ experiences is L’Oréal, which created an AR-enabled live-makeup simulator.

This let their customers try makeup and styles virtually, before deciding to purchase (source: Daily Mail).

In addition, the app could be used to scan other products in-store and try anything within the L’Oréal range, all the while collecting personalised information on that user’s browsing interests, for future communications.

That’s a good look, we’re sure you’ll agree.

Make augmented reality part of your digital marketing

Bic Kids

Bringing augmented reality experiences to a younger audience is Bic Kids, with their adorably titled DrawyBook (source: Engine Creative).

This brand is looking to bring childrens’ story books into the modern age by making them interactive and augmented. Using the DrawyBook app, children are able to draw their own zany characters on paper, take a picture, and then watch as they come to life in the pages of their own story.

It’s a highly engaging, creative experience, and shows another side to augmented reality. While AR clearly has potential for making retail an easier, quicker affair, it can also be used to stimulate the mind and encourage family time and creativity. This is powerful stuff, no matter which side you’re viewing it from.

Make augmented reality part of your digital marketing

Elevate your brand to engage more users

Augmented reality may still be in its infancy, but the technology is maturing all the time – as is the public’s openness to consume and experience through different mediums.

Consider your brand, your audience, and whether something like augmented reality – or even virtual reality – could add value to the experiences that you’re putting out there.

For example, if you’re a hospitality brand, you can probably already see the improved family experience that something like Bic’s DrawyBook would bring to the table. And that’s just one idea in a whole medium of untapped potential.

Sometimes it won’t feel like the right fit – and that’s fine. But the reality is that you need to know when it might be time to augment to keep up with the competition.

It’s our job to make sure you can keep up, so get in touch if you feel like you want to chat a little more about what AR could do for your brand. Or, if you just feel like going for a walk, there are a few Poké-stops nearby…


Ryan Noble – account manager

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